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About the Artist

My name is Naseem Khan. I'm a Professional Pyrography (Wood Burning) Artist located in Oregon (PNW) United States. I have been creating wood burned art since 2016.

I also create handmade very unique Writing on Rice jewelry and also Dot Art created with Acrylic paint.

Custom art for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Friendship, Holiday, home décor, Office decor, Housewarming, Business and more available upon request.

I DO NOT use any laser machines! All of my projects are handmade from start to finish. The tools I use to create each project includes, wood (Basswood, Poplar Wood, Plywood), cutting saw, sanding paper, sanding machine, pyrography machine, blowtorch, and sealers.

Preparing for a Project: Each board goes through a visible inspection to eliminate any defects. Then it is cut to size, sanded with my rotary sanding machine. Then, it's sanded again by hand until a clean smooth surface is achieved.

Each project takes anywhere from five hours to three weeks or longer depending on the size and intricacy of the project.

Custom Order Requests

For Custom Orders, Please Follow the Link Above to Fill Out the Form.

Important: Required information needed for all custom orders.

1. Type of canvas (Basswood, Birch Plywood, Round ~12" Board, Canvas Board) and requested size. 

2. Dot work or Wood Burned Art.

3a. For Dot work please specify colors.

3b. For Wood Burned Art- Please specify what you would like done. (Quotes, Mandalas, Recipes, Business names/logos, sceneries and more).

Please note: I do not do create any work with facial features.

Custom art work can take ~Three (3) day to three (3) months or longer to complete depending on size and intricacy of each art piece.